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Richard the Whale – Free amigurumi pattern

Timmy the Dog amigurumi pattern – Amigurumi Today

Marciano El Gancho. Toy Story Patrón – Galamigurumis

Rudy the reindeer – Free amigurumi pattern

Melocotona La Conejita – Galamigurumis

Lady snail amigurumi pattern – Amigurumi Today

Alpaca teddy bear – Free amigurumi pattern

Crochet Smurf amigurumi pattern – Amigurumi Today

La Familia Búho Crece: Patrón buhitos – Galamigurumis

Bernard the ball shark – Free amigurumi pattern

Crochet Smurfette amigurumi pattern – Amigurumi Today

León Pintiparado. Patrón – Galamigurumis

Sleeping fox amigurumi pattern – Amigurumi Today

Cuddle Me Bear amigurumi pattern – Amigurumi Today

Kawaii pineapple – Free amigurumi pattern

Vampiro Juanito, Patrón – Galamigurumis

Cuddle Me Bunny amigurumi pattern – Amigurumi Today

Koala Bear – Free amigurumi pattern

Harvey Thumper – Free amigurumi pattern

Muñecos para la Gorjuss: Los Gorjuguitos – Galamigurumis

Care Bear Jar | Jazmo Crochet

Monkey | Jazmo Crochet

Penguin rug | Jazmo Crochet

Tie fighter cat toy | Jazmo Crochet

Red Bellied Black Hearts Curtain | Jazmo Crochet

Water molecule cat cave | Jazmo Crochet

T-Rex | Jazmo Crochet

Starbug | Jazmo Crochet

Monarch butterfly | Jazmo Crochet

Shark cat cave | Jazmo Crochet

Waterbird cushion | Jazmo Crochet

Gecko cat toy | Jazmo Crochet

Daffodil | Jazmo Crochet

Roller derby hoodie | Jazmo Crochet

Team Australia Cushion | Jazmo Crochet

Jigglypuff medicine ball | Jazmo Crochet

Flying saucer cat toy | Jazmo Crochet

Cat cave | Jazmo Crochet

Eucalyptus leaves/tree | Jazmo Crochet

Tall Ship | Jazmo Crochet

Grey seal | Jazmo Crochet

Elephant chair | Jazmo Crochet

Dragon wheel bag | Jazmo Crochet

Climbing jasmine | Jazmo Crochet

Brontosaurus rug | Jazmo Crochet

Armbands | Jazmo Crochet

El Lobo Amigurumi: Mascota Perversa – Galamigurumis

Kitty doorstop | Jazmo Crochet

Kirby Christmas decoration | Jazmo Crochet

Orienteering cushion | Jazmo Crochet