Doitory means Do-IT-Yourself-Directory and is a directory of patterns and tutorials for all handicrafts. You can browse and share free but also paid patterns and find new ideas and inspirations. The idea is that designers share their patterns and tutorials, so people have them at a glance and find as fast as possible what they are looking for.

Why using Doitory instead of search engines?

There are so many wonderful patters and tutorials out there, but nobody knows them. That´s why designers are mostly no search engine and ranking experts and they don´t invest so much time and money making their patterns and tutorials well known. So more and more only the big ones get listed on search engines top ten and most people have no idea where to find all these beautiful patterns of small designers.

Why using Doitory instead of pinterest?

In difference to pinterest you will really always find a pattern or tutorial for each piece. So you wont waste time browsing pictures without content or following dead links. This way you will always get the instructions to make this things by your own. So please, make a report, when you found a dead link or another mistake.

Why using Doitory instead of pattern selling portals?

In difference to other pattern selling portals we don’t host patterns by our own and we are not interested in directing you to buy anything. That´s why you will find here the most free patterns in the web.

Have fun and enjoy it! And if you like it, we would be proud if you share this with your friends or share your patterns here!

If you don´t like to be listed here or if you find some copyright infringement please let us know. We will try to solve the problem as fast as possible and we also can blacklist sites for sharing.

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